Micah White, Devops Analyst

Micah White is an IT professional with years of team-oriented experience.

Micah White

Micah has served many roles in his time at XCentium. He has worked with clients such as AssetMark and Veterinary Pet Insurance (now a subsidiary of Nationwide Insurance). His work includes front-end and Sitecore development, as well as networking and infrastructure. He consistently adapts to new situations and technologies, making him a well-rounded team member.

Before his work with XCentium, Micah worked as a consultant for Epic Systems – the largest healthcare software company in the US. His work included training physicians and nurses on best software practices, as well as facilitating project go-lives. He led the support group for case managers, and oversaw the consistent implementation of software during Epic’s largest rollout.

Having both technical skills and team-oriented experience, Micah brings a unique perspective to any team. His ability to coordinate with and motivate team members to reach their goals compliments the technical skills he brings to the table.

Micah graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.A. degree in Mathematics.