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In one of my recent articles , I have explained how to create a custom contact facet. This article outlines how we make use of this custom facet to associate media download events to a contact...

Recently, I have been working on a requirement where the client wanted to track the media download events and add this data to xDB. The best suitable approach for this would be to associate these events as a custom contact facet. I am planning to post a thread of articles which will address this requirement one blog post at a time. In this blog post, let’s start by defining our custom contact facet...

Sitecore Commerce offers a single unified platform combining Content, Commerce, Context and Experience Management – all in one!

Have you ever created profiles, goals, or applied personalization and didn’t know if you set it up correctly because you had a hard time testing it?

I started working with Sitecore in 2008, it was probably version 5.4ish. At that time, I think Sitecore was identified as a solid Content Management platform for .Net shops. The page editor had not yet been perfected and it didn’t come with a lot of bells or whistles. To be fair to Sitecore, the price tag matched the product. Over the years, however, Sitecore has improved their product immensely. Sitecore comes loaded with analytics, personalization, multi-variant testing and a whole suite of products to make marketers drool. The other side of the story is that Sitecore license and maintenance fees have grown along with the product. If the cost of Sitecore has caused some sticker shock, I challenge you to consider the following points when evaluating a CMS. I think you’ll find that its value is more than worth it.