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Preface: This blog will not cover the basics of a Sitecore custom data provider. It is highly recommended to read The Black Art of Sitecore Custom Data Providers before this blog.

Often lauded by Sitecore developers is the ability to customize virtually any aspect of Sitecore. We will take a deeper look into Sitecore Custom Data providers and talk about what it takes to implement a whole new database for Sitecore.

The goal will be to have separate Sitecore database outside of Sitecore (i.e. not core, master, or web). This means that:

  1. The database has no reliance on the other databases (except perhaps core)
  2. All media items work within that database
  3. Presentation / Page preview works
  4. All layouts / sublayouts are in that database
  5. And of course all content items works

This blog discusses design considerations and techniques for deploying Sitecore on Microsoft Azure with Azure SQL (PaaS).

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A new option of loosely coupled, inter-application communication

Microsoft provides a new way to communicate between apps/sites across the internet