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A new option of loosely coupled, inter-application communication

I’ve been spending a lot of my time working with SPEAK over the past few months. Overall I’m happy where things are heading with our work with SPEAK in XCentium’s Research and Development. I’ve been meaning to put some thoughts together for a while so I’m going to put together a small series of SPEAK findings as I am cooking things up in the lab.

I have been working on an effort that relies on the knowledge of the current Sitecore user when using the Content Editor. Through review of the work I was realizing that the Sitecore user I was retrieving necessarily wasn’t the individual logged in at the current time. 

Have you ever tried to troubleshoot an instance where a URL looks something like /ILike/Pizza , but when you drilled down to it in the content tree, there is no “Pizza” under the “ILike” item?  Don’t panic!  Your pizza will be found!  

Before I started working with Sitecore exclusively so many years ago, my day to day work involved a lot more database interaction.  Of course a good chunk of that time was with PHP and MySQL but the concept was the same.  Write database calls that got you what you wanted while limiting the trips back to the server.