XCore Solution Accelerator

We use this at the core of every single Sitecore solution we develop.

XCore, a solution accelerator for Sitecore

When we put our Sitecore architects and seasoned developers in a room, and asked, - What have you learned about Sitecore over the years and what should be the 'Core' of all XCentium projects? The answer was 'XCore'

It is a collection of tools and helpers that standardize and optimize Sitecore development. Some of it's components are:
  • ORM: DynamicProxy (Castle) - helps eliminate boiler plate code
  • CMS: Extensions to Sitecore to enhance page editor and content editor experience
  • CMS: Scheduled publishing
  • CMS: Cache Utility – extension to Sitecore caching
  • CMS: Enhanced Workflow Email Actions
  • SEO: Sitemap tool
  • SEO: Tools to validate and ensure SEO best practices
  • xP: Personalization and page content customization rules
  • xP: Analytics Extensions
  • xP: Report logged in visitor activity
  • xP: Client click tracking

Since it's release it has become the foundation of all our solutions and many happy clients.