XC Plugins

XCentium Delivers New Plugins

For Sitecore Commerce

New plugins increase functionality for Sitecore Commerce Platform

The Sitecore Commerce Engine is based on plugins model so customers and developers can choose which modules they require for their implementation and can easily extend the Commerce Engine. It's called opt-in complexity and provides a scalable yet simple architecture.

As a leader in the B2C and B2B commerce space and Sitecore Platinum partner, XCentium early-on realized the power and importance of these plugins and started working on some standard plugins that are needed for most of the eCommerce implementations. Ola Owolawi, Sitecore Commerce MVP and Architect at XCentium, and Vasiliy Fomichev, Sitecore Commerce MVP and Technical Director at XCentium, led the development of these plugins

XC Plugin Graphic

XCentium’s eight plugins are designed to accelerate the Sitecore Commerce implementation providing some of the common ecommerce functionality:

  • Shipping – This plugin integrates the Sitecore Commerce Engine with the API for shipping companies including FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL.  Through this plugin, Commerce companies can calculate real time shipping costs and options for their clients.
  • Tax – This plugin integrates the Sitecore Commerce Engine with the API for Avalara tax calculation for Sales Tax calculation.
  • Promotions – This plugin features a percentage off field enabling companies to easily discount products and services without having to go into their ERP system. 
  • Payment – This plugin connects Sitecore Commerce with Authorize.net’s payment gateway creating easy transactions for all companies using this merchant through Sitecore’s Commerce Engine.
  • Validation turn off – This developer accelerator style plugin makes it easier for teams to set up country and state validations on the front end, especially helpful for companies who do international business.   

“At XCentium we are passionate about innovation and R&D, and want to share this passion with the community. Instead of having every partner develop their own versions of plugins, we believe that better quality and progress will be achieved through open source efforts. We are committed to regular releases of new plugins, as well as updates to the existing ones, and encourage the Sitecore community and other partners to participate in this initiative,” said Vasiliy Fomichev, Sitecore Commerce MVP and Technical Director at XCentium.

All eight of XCentium’s Commerce Engine plugins are officially released open source on GitHub for all developers to utilize.  XCentium’s Development team encourages people to explore the plugins, build upon them, and submit improvements through GitHub.

For more information, please visit XCentium.com. For inquiries, please contact info@xcentium.com.