Sitecore Managed Cloud

A Fully Managed Solution frees you from infrastructure maintenance and service continuity support. 

Your Sitecore infrastructure is maintained by our 24x7x365 staff. We bring our experience and expertise to Architect, Build and Manage your cloud deployment, while ensuring that your services are scalable, secured and running efficiently.

We coordinate with you to ensure that the designed solution performs to your expectations. Our approach begins with understanding our your security posture with regard to confidentiality, integrity and availability. Based on an understanding of the nature of the data and the potential threat vectors, we develop a customized cloud solution.

The options below shows reference Sitecore cloud designs developed by XCentium engineers.

Sitecore Small

Cost effective and scaleable, this reference design utilizes Azure SQL databases in place of Microsoft SQL server to deliver a solution for development and testing.

Sitecore Medium

This reference design can use either Microsoft SQL server or Azure SQL to deliver a fault tolerant and cost effective Sitecore infrastructure.

Utilizing multiple Cloud Regions, SQL Server AlwaysOn and a global traffic manager, this reference design will continue to serve traffic even if there is an outage at an Azure Region.