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Channel the Power of Cloud Commerce Native to Salesforce

 Cloudcraze is the only eCommerce platform developed natively on Salesforce


"Organizations that utilize SalesForce and want to deploy a commerce offering are best served by CloudCraze," shares Thomas Wagner, Technical Director with XCentium's Commerce team. "With its native SalesForce integration, CloudCraze offers unparalleled time to market. It simply delivers faster and higher quality solutions on this platform than any other commerce competitor."

 B2B buyers expect the same omni-channel experience that they receive as consumers of B2C sites. In addition to the power and convenience of working within the Salesforce® CRM environment, Cloudcraze allows B2B organizations to provide their buyers a rich personalized experience, simplifying the inherent complexity of B2B commerce. No other system on the market can claim the following benefits within the Salesforce® eco-system:

  • Offer Omni-channel B2C experience to your B2B users

  • Simplify B2B commerce complexity related to contract-based catalog and pricing, Request a Quote, Configurator, etc.

  • Use context marketing and marketing automation to personalize the buying experience
  • Wizard/ Guided Selling for complex/ configured products

  • Connected Salesforce® CRM and Commerce and 360-dgree view of your customers

  • Seamless integration to your back office ERP

  • Be fast, agile and reliable

  • Drive engagement with community, reviews and ratings

  • Grow your online business

Powerful Features to Deliver Enterprise Experience:

  • Enterprise-level B2B/B2C Commerce
  • Multi-storefront Experience
  • Cross-Channel Engagement
  • Mobile Cloud Commerce
  • Global/local Commerce
  • Fully branded configurable storefronts
  • Digital experiences using OOTB templates or custom
  • One Platform, One Database: Commerce is deployed in the same Salesforce Org as your CRM application
  • Intuitive, Non-technical Administration: Manage workflow, maintain data, search, and report using the standard administration tools
  • 360º View of Customer and Customer Interaction
  • Consolidated Account and Commerce view within Salesforce
  • Call center ordering, quoting and service fully integrated with online channel and Salesforce applications
  • Community Collaboration
  • Enable customer-to-customer and customer-to-company collaboration within the storefront using Salesforce Chatter Communities
  • Social eCommerce
  • Create a social channel by leveraging Twitter and Facebook integration and connection to merchandise detail
  • Natively built-on Salesforce
  • Multi-tenant SaaS model from grounds-up
  • Global Salesforce cloud
  • Subscription pricing model offers 1-cost for running your Commerce

About XCentium


As an award winning digital agency and Cloudcraze certified strategic partner, XCentium can help you with:

  • Commerce Planning and Roadmap

  • Commerce System Selection

  • Rollout and Change Management

  • Lifecycle Support


With CloudCraze experience, our consultants are here to help you make great solutions!  

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Astha Raj, XCentium, Salesforce Practice lead
Astha Raj

Astha has more than 10 years of experience in Software Development with complete life cycle implementation on both waterfall and Agile modals. She has worked on various CMS and CRM platforms including Sitecore and Salesforce. As a certified Salesforce Admin/Developer, she has worked on several Saleforce projects at Xcentium for past 3years. Currently, Astha is focusing mainly on CloudCraze, an eCommerce platform on Salesforce. She has been working on development, custom extensions and integrations for CloudCraze eCommerce websites for several clients.

Frank Nunez, XCentium Salesforce Developer
Frank Nunez

Frank is a Senior Software Engineer with 13-years hands-on experience at all levels of the system’s lifecycle. He has  10 years of Salesforce development experience with Apex Language, Apex Classes/Controllers, Apex Triggers, SOQL, SOSL, Custom Objects, Apex Schedulers. He also has experience with Salesforce frontend technologies - Visualforce Pages using CSS Layout according to the application profile, Lightning, HTML5, Jquery, Bootstrap, Mobile/Responsive. Frank's experience includes lead roles with startups and tech giants.