Tony Wang, Architect

Tony is no stranger to developing quality solutions that provide low technical debt with high maintainability and extensibility.


Tony Wang, XCentium

Tony has been developing software since the late 90’s. As a software craftsman, he strives to provide high value thru well-crafted software that is extensible with low technical debt. He has experience providing solutions in many verticals, from well-known craft retailers to some of the top financial institutions. During his many years in the industry, Tony has amassed extensive experience working with clients in all phases of the software development life cycle.

During his time at Acxiom Corporation, Tony was the lead developer on several Sitecore projects that span the spectrum of complexity. One of the less complicated projects involved management of account preferences for a major craft retailer. This project contained content and form elements. The preferences site would have a direct impact on store traffic and revenue. A more complex project involved a major financial institution. The site was responsible for presenting and allowing cardholders to managing benefits associated with their card. This project incorporated personalization with elements of eCommerce. While the site would not be a high revenue generator, it would have a positive impact on the brand and cardholder retention.

Since joining XCentium, Tony’s portfolio of verticals has increased to include a multi-level marketing, identity protection, insurance, bio-tech, and real estate. He has continued his software craftsmanship ways by creating well-crafted software, steadily adding value, and building productive partnerships while encouraging and engaging in a community of professionals. With the release of Sitecore Helix, a set of development principles consistency and value to Sitecore solutions, Tony has championed and embraced this development philosophy with all the projects he works on.

Tony earned a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Arkansas with a minor in Mathematics.

In his spare time, Tony enjoys spending time with his wife and son as well as working on home improvement projects, cycling, and racing motorcycles.