Jay Thakkar, Cloud Director

An industry veteran, Jay has helped shape cloud services for many clients.

Jay Thakkar, XCentium

Jay has an extensive background including software development, infrastructure, identity and security. Before joining XCenitum, Jay worked in Microsoft’s services division, focusing on Azure Architecture, O365, and Identity and Security. He acquired a breadth of experience across multiple verticals including Health Care, Automotive, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Retail, and Banking, like Kaiser Permanente, Toyota, GM, US Airways, Prudential, Putnam, Nationwide, Costco, Best Buy and the LA Clippers. Initially focusing on identity and security, he implemented identity solutions for large scale companies and was also involved in helping mitigate some high profile cyber security incidents. Jay then moved to the cloud division where he helped onboard customers to Azure and Office365. Additionally, he has helped create and shape offerings at Microsoft, where his solutions generated significant revenue for Microsoft Services.
Prior to Microsoft, Jay worked at a large west coast hospital chain, a global software publishing company, and a large services company. He has a degree in computer science from California State University, Northridge.