Software Developer

Modify existing software to fix any errors, and to adapt to the new hardware and improve software performance. Develop software system testing and programming, validation procedures and documentation. Analyze users needs and software requirements to determine the design and cost. Determine XCentium's needs to develop software solutions. Gather and analyze systems engineering of XCentium's clients, develop algorithms of clients, business work flow, perform initial feasibility analysis, and develop software solutions in collaboration with developers and project managers to design and implement process functionality to meet user and business needs. Develop and multi-threaded environment. Design, code test , debug, configure and document software programs and applications. Run and monitor software version upgrade releases and custom interfaces. Work on ‘Go Live’ activities as per the Implementation plan and manage any issues that may arise. Work side by side with the programmers, technicians, and other engineering and scientific personnel. Obtain and document information on factors such as application changes, reporting format requirements, cost, and any security needs. 

Job site: Senior Developer, 615 N. Nash St. El Segundo, CA 90245

 Hours: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Please see above.


Requirements:  Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent as determined by qualified credentials evaluator) in Computer Science/Computer Engineering /Computer Information Systems/ IT or related and 1 year experience in job offered or in IT/software developer or related Software occupation.

Mail Resume to: Mr. Amrit Raj, Managing Partner  


                          615 N. Nash St.

                         El Segundo CA 90245   


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