More than a wish granted:

Sharepoint-based grant management solution streamlined the high-profile process.

We don't like to brag. but... A Sharepoint-based grant management solution for an organization sponsored by US Congress? Stately.


With 4 board cycles a year and the number of applications growing well into the thousands, the email / shared documents way of sharing and updating cross departmental information was growing slower and producing inconsistent information. Staff members from the 3 major grant making departments needed a fast and easy way to update and share information pertaining to the grantees. Not only would this need to aid in the decision making process but also allow for better historical reporting. Furthermore, there was a general lack of trust in the software, Gifts, provided to the staff for this process; Not only was it not intuitive and ugly, it also did not contain the required functionality to assist staff in the grant making process.


Working with staff members requirements were gathered and prioritized. A multiphase solution including SharePoint, Silverlight, the Gifts SDK, web services, WCF Services, and SQL Server was approved.

The highest priority was for each member of the Grants staff to have a customized dashboard showing their portfolio of active grants. Using SharePoint (as a source of SSO from the intranet), a number of stored producers, and a web service to write data back to the SQL database yourGifts was launched. From here, staff could see their individual portfolios as well as make edits to grant information and impellent a series of work flows to improve the audit process.

Next, a similar dashboard was launched, this time for the use of managers who wanted to keep a board overview of their staff’s dashboards, this offered similar functionality but to a new group of users.

As the amount of data being stored in the database grew, so did the need for a search page. A page was built where users were able to search on 20 + fields I order to get a set of desired data.

The last phase of the project dealt with the proposal intake, approval, and Grant Agreement generation process. Potential grantees were encouraged to apply for grants online, where the data would be stored in the same database. From there, staff were given a highly customized dashboard where they could review and edit data pertaining to grants. Again a number of workflows were implemented with the finals steps including grant approval and the generation of a PDF that would be emailed and act as the binding contract between the organization and the grantee.

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