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Global reach for commerce is all part of the plan.

Nerium International is a Dallas based skin-care company producing age-defying skin products. Currently present in USA, Canada and Mexico, Nerium plans to expand rapidly into other countries.


The existing platform was not sufficiently scalable to support global growth, particularly with the speed Nerium needed. Additionally there was a need for the platform to:   
  • Work in conjunction with Nerium’s existing Exigo system, acting as combined CRM and ERP
  • Support multi-lingual/multi-cultural content
  • Serve multiple markets under the same umbrella 
  • Be flexible enough to add support for new countries and markets


XCentium defined the overall solution architecture for Sitecore as well as Insite in conjunction with Nerium’s architects, then developed and delivered the solution.

The UP (Unified Platform) project was initiated to provide the foundation for Nerium’s business in the future.

Sitecore Experience Platform and Insite Commerce were selected to form the core of the new architecture together with Nerium’s existing Exigo system, acting as combined CRM and ERP. Clay Tablet was selected to handle internationalization.

Sitecore integrates with Insite as the backend shopping engine for product and catalogue data, customer information, pricing, promotions, tax rules and all other commerce-related information, providing:
  • Multiple shopping funnels depending on customer type, country and context
  • Each country has individual products, pricing and business rules
  • Insite handles commerce logic and serves Sitecore with product and pricing information
  • Sitecore controls presentation, redirect logic, business rules and shopping funnels 
Exigo is system of record and acts as combined ERP and CRM system in the solution.

Insite integrates with Exigo for account creation, information and management, credit card processing, subscription fulfillment, pricing and product information.

The Clay Tablet integration allows Nerium to quickly add new country sites and languages to existing sites without the need to hire their own resources with local language skills.


  • Standardized platform based on best of breed systems.
  • Scalable architecture supporting rapid growth in markets, transactions and traffic.
  • Reusable concepts and components decreases development and maintenance needs.
  • New countries can be supported quickly by reusing existing resources and adapting to local content, products and business rules.
  • Multilingual implementation in Sitecore – easy to manage language versions.
  • Best of both worlds: Sitecore CMS and Insite Commerce.

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The team at XCentium went above and beyond to understand who we are and what we needed. They were sensitive to our timing and internal processes and worked closely with us to deliver a solution that was right for our nonprofit law school.

Pam Hardy, Director of Marketing & Communications, California Western School of Law

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