I was wondering what the difference is, internally, between LINQ (query syntax) and Lambda Expressions (method syntax) and are there any performance difference? So I decided to create the same queries in both query syntax and method syntax. Then, I examine the compiled code.

Recently I started developing on a project that uses MVC in a multi-site environment.  Since MVC is still fairly new to Sitecore there are a few details for us developers to experience and work out.

In the past I have had many clients bring up the question of "Why should we put our highly functional site in Sitecore?"  As in the content of the site involves forms, developed conditional logic, and third part tools and services to make up the majority of what is displayed.  At face value Sitecore is a CMS with a lot of use for a site that is heavy content.  However the tools that Sitecore provides can still be of great value for a functional site.

Last August my company landed a new project to refurbish some Payday lending websites.  As part of that project it was my task to find a .Net and MVC compatible CMS to move some legacy VB.Net websites to a new CMS based platform. 

Recently, I teamed up with a group of front end developers on a project to launch a fully responsive web site. Things were going smoothly until the content entry portion of the project started. I started to get ticket after ticket in my queue...