Sitecore 8.2: Associated Content in Experience Editor

Sitecore 8.2 delivers a new feature for viewing content associated on a component right away in the Experience Editor. This is a useful feature especially for Content Authors who can check the status of the datasource items before moving the page item in workflow. This article goes over this feature with more details.

While logged into Experience Editor, you will notice a new option under View which allows us to view the Associated Content for a component. Each of the components which use datasources are highlighted with a frame around them.


When you click on a particular component using a datasource, you will see new options available in the Edit frame, which shows the following information


Feature 1:  workflow state of the datasource item

This is a very nice to have feature in the Experience Editor. There are times where users get their page item approved in workflow, but the datasources aren’t be published. This feature gives them a quick view of the workflow status.


Using this feature, you can also add and submit a new datasource item to next state of workflow without leaving the current state of the Experience Editor.

Note: You can also approve related items when a page item is published through workflow by setting related=1 in workflow action parameters.

Feature 2: List of all items that are using this datasource item



There are many cases where we use the same datasource for multiple items. This option helps us out understand which pages get updated by changing this datasource on current content item.

Hope this information helps and stay tuned for more information on the new features available on Sitecore 8.2.

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