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Sitecore components and placeholder are one of the main tools that allow content editors to take charge of a page, and control what a site visitor might see. It is often necessary to design components with ease-of-use, as well as re-use in mind. One of the drawbacks of the standard Sitecore placeholder is that it cannot be used multiple times on the same page; Sitecore ends up populating all instances of that placeholder with the same content. This was a problem for me in a recent project, which prompted me to create a Dynamic Placeholders extension. For this post, I will be sharing the process I went through to get Dynamic Placeholder functional in a Sitecore MVC project.

Sitecore provides us an option to add data source location for a particular rendering. For a multisite Sitecore solution, setting up a Datasource location to be a query will be very helpful as it resolves the location based on the site in which they are adding a rendering. In this article, I will discuss my experience and an issue I found with using queries for Datasource location…