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This blog post is about what is required when you or your client do not want to use Mongodb with Sitecore Commerce.

Mongodb stores analytics data and engagement plan data of a user's shopping activities.

Turning it of will require patching some pipeline processors for user to be able to shop.

Recently I had a client who needed to be able to personalize content based on a number of attributes stored in their CRM Dynamics system. This is, I think, a common request. Replace Crm system with custom database, Salesforce, or any other third party system that contains important information and just about any marketer sees value in this.

The following will show how to create a Commerce Cart that is persisted to the MongoDB session. MongoDB will give the ability to support a dynamic cart with high availability.

Recently our team has been spending a lot of time in the Sitecore Commerce powered by Commerce Server (SCpbCS) land. This article presents my personal experience of working with SCpbCS 8.1 in comparison to its previous version, 8.0 from the installation, development and content editing perspectives.

XCentium helps Nerium International launch its next-generation global digital platform on Insite Commerce and Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform