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Did you know that Sitecore currently offers two types of license models to its customers?  The perpetual license model and the consumption license model.  In this blog post, we'll take a look at the two license models and hopefully point you in the right direction in determining which model is best for you.

There are times when you need to move your existing Sitecore 8.2 solution (you recently upgraded to) over to Azure in the quickest way...

Sitecore now provides us with two options to deploy to Azure. One by making use of ARM (Azure Resource Manager) templates with PowerShell, which is helpful in cases where you want to make changes to Sitecore, install additional packages or for automating the deployment. The second non-technical approach to install Sitecore is to use Azure Marketplace. This article outlines the steps involved in setting up a vanilla install of the latest Sitecore version on Azure…

This blog discusses design considerations and techniques for deploying Sitecore on Microsoft Azure with Azure SQL (PaaS).

Found what seems to be a minor issue during initial setup and deployment to Sitecore Azure 7.5