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Sitecore Commerce offers a single unified platform combining Content, Commerce, Context and Experience Management – all in one!

With the Sitecore Experience Platform and Sitecore Commerce Connect (Connect), Sitecore provides the tools to empower organizations to build the effective, meaningful relationships that win customers for life. Insite Plus Sitecore Connector (IPS) is built on the Sitecore Commerce Connect framework. Recently, we released a new version of the IPS connector.


Implementing Incremental Product Sync using Sitecore Commerce Connect

If we want to extend the commerce connect product template to include custom product properties, we need to create our own repository and an extended product class

This blog post outlines the steps involved in extending base commerce connect product class.

The following will show how to create a Commerce Cart that is persisted to the MongoDB session. MongoDB will give the ability to support a dynamic cart with high availability.