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Setting the correct input type on HTML5 input elements promotes a better mobile UX and improves user experience. Read on to see what happens when you let your form inputs default to a type of "text".

There are times when you shouldn’t load certain content on a mobile device. Large images and other content designed solely for larger screens (such as flash content which is not supported on mobile devices) not only slow down page load times but also use data which could be costly to your mobile users.  Responsive grid systems such as the one provided by Zurb Foundation do a great job of showing and hiding content for the various mobile, tablet and desktop screen sizes however even though this content isn’t visible to the user it’s still downloaded.

XCentium helps Nerium International launch its next-generation global digital platform on Insite Commerce and Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform

XCentium helps AssetMark launch new eWealthManager Native Application using Sitecore and Xamarin

Really proud to announce that XCentium has been awarded two Sitecore Experience Awards for 2014.